Fire Protection

Fire Doors

Fire doors perform a vital compartment function and an important aesthetic role in buildings of all types. They are required to reinstate fire protection separation and protect means of escape from fire and smoke. Their correct installation by specialists is vital to their performance. We have a wide variety of finishes, ironmongery & glazing systems available to choose from. Having such products fitted by a Gormley Passive installer provides confidence to all parties in the door’s ability to maintain its designed performance.

Fire Protection for Steel

Few things are more fundamental to the fire safety of a building than the fire protection of the structural skeleton since failure can lead to the premature collapse. Thin film intumescent paint systems can provide up to 120 minutes fire protection to structural steel and are available in water and solvent based applications depending on the use. The paint may be applied by airless spray, roller or brush and are available with a range of topcoats to most RAL colours so that the design team can achieve their aesthetic needs whilst satisfying the fire protection requirement.

Gormley Passive are approved applicators of Nullifire and Jotun Paint systems

Fire Protection for Timber

By its very nature timber forms a key part of almost all internal building structures and as a result need to be protected in order to comply with today’s building regulations. Gormley Passive have a wide variety of solutions for fire protection to timber which is especially effective in refurbishment projects, often allowing existing architectural features to remain in place. Solutions provided include achieving Class 0 & 1 spread of flame to panelled timber as well as achieving 30 & 60 minutes fire resistance to load bearing floor board and joists.


The necessary penetration of services through compartment walls and floors causes the failure of integrity and insulation to occur where gaps around these services have been inadequately fire-stopped. The use of a correctly installed certified firestopping system, will compartment the fire at its source and limit the risk to property and lives caused by the spread of fire. Many of the firestopping systems installed by Gormley Passive are tested up to 4 hours integrity, and load-bearing products are also available.

Gormley Passive are approved installers of Nullifire and Hilti firestopping systems.

Electrical Passive Fire Protection

Gormley Passive supply & stock the widest range of electrical passive fire protection products available in Ireland. From trunking pillows to downlighter covers we stock an array of solutions in varying sizes. For the full selection of Envirograf Electrical products available please click link below.

Upgrading of Existing Heritage Buildings

One of the problems associated with fire protection in exisiting buildings and heritage properties is being able to bring the building up to the current fire regulations, whilst being able to maintain the architectural detail of the original building. Our services include: Upgrading lath and plaster & plasterboard ceilings to 60 mins fire resistance Upgrading timber floors to 60 mins fire resistance.

Fire Rated Access Panels

Fireseal supply a wide range of fire rated and non-fire rated access panels for installation in walls and ceilings. The PALCO “Flue Safe” access panel can provide in excess of 60 minutes integrity and insulation to a horizontal installation and comes in a variety of standard sizes (300mm X 300mm; 450mm 450mm; 600mm X 600mm).

Fire Barriers

A fire barrier prevents the passage of fire and smoke by re-instating the compartment floor or wall when penetrated by building services. Lightweight fire barriers comprising of a mineral fibre board coated with ablative water based sealant which can provide up to 4 hours fire protection. In order for the system to perform as certified it needs to be used in conjunction with fire rated mastic. This system also provides thermal acoustic and air sealing performances.

Intumescent Wraps

Intumescent Wraps are a simple to use, self adhesive intumescent pipe wrap. They fit around the circumference of the pipe within the depth of the substrate. In the event of a fire, it prevents the passage of fire and smoke by closing off the aperture within the compartment floor or wall when penetrated by plastic pipes.

Cavity Barriers

Cavity Barrier systems are made from high density Rockwool stone wool and are suitable for use in all cavity walls, as well as for fire stopping between a curtain wall system and a concrete floor slab. The barrier prevents the passage of flame and smoke within the cavity it fills for the period of fire rating. Gormley Passive specialise in installing Rockwool, Lamatherm and AIM Cavity Barrier Systems.